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Transport within the European Union, where we can offer you an unbeatable price that no other transport company can offer you.


We work throughout Europe, so we can also provide transport to countries such as France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Scandinavian countries


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Transport Manager EU Oversized Goods

Martin Petráš

Mr. Petras has been working with large-volume shipments for over fifteen years. Moving containers, wind farms, machines is a routine for him and he is happy to help you with your crossings. Mr. Petráš speaks english very well.

00421 948 635 404

Transport Manager for the EU

Lenka Linková

Ms. Linková is an expert in truck road transport and partial transport with smaller cars. If you need transport within the EU, do not hesitate to contact her.

00421 948 235 130

Transport Manager for the EU

Ján Kvak

With a broad overview of road transport, Mr. Kvak carries out transport for clients from all over Europe. If you need friendly and a professional approach, he is at your disposal.

00421 948 100 784