Complete loading and unloading of your goods by truck. Standard is loading of 33-34 pallet spaces with a weight of up to 24T. If the goods are 3 meters high or the pallets are stacked, we can also secure this.

If required, we offer express delivery with a tarpaulin or suitcase bus. We can deliver the vehicle to you on the day the order is placed, sometimes within an hour. 

In the case of a delivery of a smaller quantity that is not enough to use a complete truck, it is possible to load the goods as additional cargo. The price for such transport is significantly lower, which also takes more time for delivery. You can supply your customers with goods more flexibly. We can also respond to requests in a timely manner when it comes to additional loads.

Manufacturing and processing machines, construction components, wind farms, turbines or stand-alone containers, practically anything that exceeds 2.4 m or 3 m in height, we can load and transport everything with special trucks as required. Let our specialists advise you. He creates an unrivaled price for you.

European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). We can ensure that the vehicle we list meets all the conditions of the ADR agreement and has a valid license.

Our refrigerated vehicles transport goods at a constant temperature at negative or positive temperatures throughout Europe. It goes without saying that temperatures should be recorded throughout the journey – using a thermograph. In addition, ADR Frigo vehicle is not a problem.


As an entrepreneur, we promise to pay attention to the entire supply chain management to ensure your Shipments travel safely, quickly and on time.